Startups succeed due to the heroic efforts, including sales, of their founders
The way many of the world's largest organisations make money is based on a few business models. Startups can adopt these approaches themselves.
At Amazon it is always Day 1.
The Bowling Alley Framework helps app users achieve meaningful outcomes quickly, using product and conversational bumpers.

February 2023

Applying the Ackerman purchase negotiation model with its 4 step offer/counter-offer structure and psychological tactics works.
What makes each of us different is our source of power. Embrace it.
A product led business uses the product itself as the main vehicle to acquire, activate and retain customers. Growth can be fast and cheap.
The ability to spot relationships between facts is very important in generating ideas.

January 2023

Effective digital communication is based upon respect, clarity, collaboration and trust.
To get an edge, we should gain competence in a combination of skills that are not typically seen in our industry.
Here is a framework to help make significant decisions.
Choosing games carefully and knowing when to exit is key to happiness.